Likes & Shares

Today, we’re releasing a new feature called Likes & Shares. To make up for all your posts being hidden (but of course with the complementary capability to also know who viewed your posts), it might be hard to find the posts you previously liked or shared. So, we made it easier for you to do that. Here’s how:

Step One: Go To Settings


Step Two: Tap “Likes & Shares”


And that’s it! Tap on one of the cells, and you’ll be pushed to a new view with the post you liked.


If you go to Fordham University and you haven’t downloaded Redplanet yet, download it on the AppStore here!


If you DON’T go to Fordham and you haven’t downloaded Redplanet, download it now, and follow us @teamrp on the app. We’ll be listening to your feedback and your suggestions — we’re expanding outside of Fordham, and we’re making great features to cater for all the different kinds of humans.


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